Technology, COVID, and Lonely College Students

My husband and I visited my youngest daughter at Purdue this weekend. As we drove through campus, I was surprised at how many kids were walking around, laughing and enjoying each other. Most were wearing masks, but not all, as they gathered in the warm spring air. The atmosphere was ripe with energy

The Other Voice

After weeks of staying at home, my soul feels like dry bones on an old corpse. The desert is my dwelling place and I am more parched than ever. I long for life, for connection, and for community. The news reports tell me to be afraid, to stay at home, and to be socially distant. […]

Half Empty AND Half Full

The world’s gone mad. My husband and I went to the Starbucks up the road yesterday. It was empty and all the tables and chairs were put away. The sight of it was like a punch in the gut. With every day that passes, the landscape of our lives is changing. I never thought our […]