Aaron is currently a Marriage and Family Therapy student at Indiana Wesleyan University, who specializes in personal and spiritual development, for individuals and families. Prior to partnering with Fountains Family Counseling, Aaron worked as the Executive Director of Mark 2 Ministries (a nonprofit dedicated to counseling and coaching the local church to include people affected by disability, and their families, into the life of the church) for more than a decade. He has also been an ordained pastor since 2011 most recently serving as the Children and Family Pastor at a church in Central Indiana.

Aaron’s educational background includes business school as well as seminary. As part of answering the call to be more hands-on with helping his community, he is currently enrolled in a Marriage and Family Counseling program through a local university.

Aaron is, first and foremost, a servant of the Lord Jesus. He is also a husband to Debra and a father to Jeremiah and Eli. He loves serving at his local church, dating his wife and playing with his boys in his free time.