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Why Fountains Family Counseling

There are many different reasons you may choose to talk with a professional about your personal issues and / or growth.  It is not a sign of weakness that you need to speak with a counselor. It takes courage to change an old habit, behavior, or situation.

Most people come to Fountains Family Counseling because they are stuck. Stuck in behavior patterns, addictions, abusive relationships, or in a past that was out of their control. Maybe you are longing to change your state of hurting but do not know how. Now you can get help in an unbaised, impartial and confidential way.

Each individual’s life story is different / unique. Yet we are all created for a purpose. If you are struggling with your purpose, stuck in a behavior, stuck in a relationship or broken past, there is hope. Contact Fountains Family Counseling today, to make an appointment.




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What our clients say…

“Amy is an amazing therapist, supportive and understanding, and gives great resources and advice! I would recommend her to anyone!” – S.H.

“She sees both sides of our struggle and gives us valuable ‘homework’ and things to do daily or weekly to help our relationship get back to where it should be.” – J.A.